Inquisition Alleya

Super Woman

Our founding fathers, not mothers, fathers, wrote the Declaration of Independence

and said that all men are created equal,

Yes, Men. No specific age, no specific color, JUST MEN

It isn’t right that men get all the recognition,

It isn’t right that men abuse us women.

For what? For who? and why?

Why abuse those who gave you life?

Why take away the voice of whom you call your mom, your daughter, your auntie or maybe even your wife

It makes no sense, it’s surreal, it’s not even right!

There’s nothing left to do, but to fight, fight, fight!

As women, we are looked down upon

No rights, no equality, better yet, NO RESPECT.

All around the world,

women are objectified, underestimated, and oppressed.

Rights are taken away, so we can’t be the best.

We suffer from abuse and unfair judgement,

Yet, the world will never be the same if it wasn’t for us women.

Women are brave, we are delicate, independent and strong-willed.

Yet, we are still treated like something that was built.

For no purpose but one.

Just a single use and then what? NOTHING.

Not a single thanks, not a but of honor, not even a but of love.

We are taken advantage of and belittled.

We are women,

And if you break that word apart into syllables you get,


We are a better version of men,

We do things that no other man can!

And today, we are still faced in this situation.

There’s nothing left to say,

But we are SUPER WOMEN.

-Annette Rodriguez

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