Dance Class

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Unit One

Dance WorkOut

Portfolio 2017


Salsa unit

Salsa Music and Rubric

Mission Fusion assignment 

We will write an essay about Mission Fusion the week following the show. We will take be in the library for one day to start and finish or just start it.


Audience members, read it before watching the show so you can take notes about certain points.

Tickets for the Friday show will be available tomorrow. Your tickets will be in a different color and you may not give them to anyone else, they only work for you.

Salsa Vocabulary

Dance Work Out Assignments


Rubrics vs 2

Salsa Rubric

Choreography Unit

Finals Dance Critique Assignment

Solo research paper


Ballet Unit


In case it gest out of sequence on dropbox, here is the original order. #11 will be the song for the Petit Adagio for the unit test.

Screenshot 2016-10-30 17.03.51.png

Brazilian Choreography


Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian Unit

Homework assignment: Watch the following Videos

The Atlantic Slave Trade (A)

The Atlantic Slave Trade 2 (A)

The black roots of Salsa (B)

The black roots of Salsa 2 (B)

Capoeira – Brazil – Angola (C)

The origins of African American Social Dance (Dance 1)

Origins of Blues (Dance 1)


Multiple Intelligences and Choreography Templates

Dance 1 assignment Fall 2016: Dance and the Brain Presentation

Music for Dance Work Out

Rubric for Dance Work Out

Choreography Unit 2016

Final Choreography Packet

Website assignment

Research paper on your next solo/duet

Portfolio Assignment 1/2 Dancers

Portfolio Assignment 3/4 Dancers

Portfolio Lay Out


Portfolio Defense Rubric

Modern Unit

Music for Modern Unit

Assessment for Modern Unit

Make up assignment March 2016

Watch documentary and fill out the 4 As protocol

Choreography Unit

Music for Choreo unit

Emotions and Action Words

Research Paper

Choreography Making Packet

Brazilian Unit

Link for warm up song and choices for the choreography

West African Unit

Rubric West African Dance

Written Choreo Template

Music for West African Unit

Ballet Unit

Ballet Music

Ballet Rubric 1/2 Dancers

First Unit 2015

Material for first unit

Mission Fusion Essay Assignment 02/23/2015

Mission Fusion Essay Rubric

Link to the Modern Dance Music

Video Tango by Jeanette Male

Video Floor Work

Whole routine danced by Luigi (With some timing issues, it still helps)

Portfolio Materials