Dance in PE

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Class Descriptions

Below are the videos of the PE Workshop in San Luis Obispo (

Cuban Salsa Rueda

Dance Workout – Warm up

Dance Workout – Upper Body and Core

Dance Workout – Cardio 1

Dance Workout – Cardio 2

Dance Workout – Cardio 3

Dance Workout – Upper Body

Dance Workout – Abdominals

Music and Curriculum for Rueda de Casino

Music and Curriculum Dance Workout


Here is the Cuban Salsa Rueda for PE classes video from the CAHPERD workshop 2015!

Here is the Cuban Salsa Rueda for PE classes video from the CAHPERD workshop 2016!

Nice dancing everyone!

Material and Music for the Aerobic Dance Work Out Class at CAHPERD 2016

Warm up one

Warm up two

Aerobics One

Aerobics Two

Aerobics Three

Upper Body Strength 

Abdominal Work Out