New order of performances  

Scene Choreography
1 Down the rabbit hole Jacob Perez/Troy Delayoan
2 Awakening Gilvin Paniza
3 Entering the Maze (Dance Hall) Troy Delayoan, Xandria
4 Growing – Tall Alice? (Filipino) Emily Piros
5 Looking Glass – Salsa Ryan Mead
6 Mental Health Troy & co

     No way out?

7 “A game of chess”

Carmina Burana (TRP)

Lisa Frias
8 Misdirections (Elegua piece) Heike Mansel
9 Ansu Ansu Lama
10 Twins – Steam Heat


11 Leads into Sexual orientation? Lost? Shunned? Confused? Ask them as well (Josh, Kayla, Kate to Natalie) Josh, Kate Torres,

Kayla Devila

12 Sexual orientation 2 (?)

Needs a sensitive title

Natalie Huezo,

Jeremiah Pablo

13 Bohemian Rhapsody(TRP)

“It isn’t real, or is it?”

Lisa Frias
14 Tea Party

Parkour/Jumain Hip Hop

Jumaine Reyes, Brian Gopez



15 “Wonderland” – Afro-Cuban Heike Mansel
16 Mental Health (Lizzie)

     About depression

Lizzie Chapman
17 TRP Not afraid – “I am not afraid” Lisa Frias
18 #Me too (White Man’s world) Alleya De los Santos, Mark Heringer
19 Doormouse Jillian
20 Cats José Francisco Barroso
21 Puppeteer/Control Diego, Bella
22 Who controls who? (continuation of the puppeteer piece) Happy Piece Dancers
23 Under control again – JR, Rebecca Walton, Chayiel
24 Powerful red queen Danielle Devila, Kaylen Gapuz
25 Conformity? (Body image 2) Lizzie Chapman
26 School shooting –

   Sword Control Law

Dancers (Jhon, Kayla, Chayiel, ??) ask them
27 Survivor Dancers
28 Red Queen and Alice –      “Government” Danielle Devila, Alexis Alovera
29 Overcoming ones shadow

Shadow piece (Kate & Emily)

Kate Illumin, Emily Sanchez
30 Checkmate – Fosse Heike Mansel
31 Queen Procession Kim Kim Agnew
32 Party/Return Finale/   Kim Kim Agnew & Dancers