Hey guys,

Thank you so much for all your hardwork & dedication you put into this show. It made my last one the greatest ever. I want to acknowledge that although we all had ups & downs during the past couple months, all our hardwork has paid off.

I want to also acknowledge that in my senior video I was giving advice to all of you guys who are going to be in Mission Fusion in years to come so….

Freshmen: you guys are just starting out & you guys are literally kicking butt. Your guys’ time will come, till then keep working hard & stepping up your game!

Sophomores: keep remaining being rolemodels next year when you guys are upperclassmen & keep working as hard as you guys do. Don’t give up & keep trying new things!

Juniors: You guys are going to be at the top of the chain, so remember to always be there to help out everyone especially Ms. Mansel because she will really need you guys to work hard. Also, don’t forget to dance your heart out because it will be your last one & to do as much pieces as you can even if she makes you wear poofy skirt.

Seniors: Thank you for supporting me & helping me out with the video, i’ll show you guys eventually the final cut. Since Mission Fusion is over, we can have one more dance together & it’ll be rally so let’s make the best of what we got & used what we’ve learned from Mission Fusion for a last hurrah.

Ms. Mansel: Thank you for always being a motherly figure to all your students. We all appreciate everything you’ve done & you’re doing an excellent job at supporting & motivating us. We all learned to go beyond our shell & become the loud talkative people we are. Thank you again for creating Mission Fusion & always keeping dance alive at Jeff.

Thank you to all once again.

With love,

Kaila ❤