Earth center (tubes)
Maya center (at the end)
Filipino messy hair
99 percent
Money hands – where were you?
Plants: Gillian I like the front look, come up a little later, we need to rehearse it with the TRP dancers one more time anyways. Deforestation, maybe twirl a little earlier, stillness, untwirl all the way and then walk off.
Animals: Costumes are really nice now. Danielle, beautiful arms, now I saw some others with TV arms
Danielle tie (Ms. Stewart will bring one, tie it before hand)
Air pollution walk in earlier
Trash Halimah bigger bow (black is fine but bigger)
Earth Natalie brown for fire ,
Earthquake: Arms higher at end, no TV arms – almost everyone!!!
Finale kate air costume, please, maybe someone else in Air as well (Natalie? Hoop one more time – you know I am kidding)