Great show everyone. A couple of shaky moments, but that is normal for a Thursday. Now, without the rain, we can start to relax, enjoy every moment and dance hard and with emotions.

A couple of house keeping rules for the next two nights.

  1. Prepare your hair, face (make up) in the dance room, not in the dressing room or hallway, the dressing room is for dressing ONLY.
  2. All food needs to be consumed OUTSIDE the dressing room and hallway. We will place a table there.
  3. This afternoon we will wipe down all the chairs before using the facility.
  4. Below are a couple more notes from Ms. Gonzalez. She congratulates you on your successful show but needs the conference room to be treated with more care. Saturday after the show we will need to make sure it is in top shape.
  5. Notes from Ms. Gonzalez:

Counseling Conference Room

No curling irons (they had a few placed on top of our plastic chairs)

No food/drinks

No make up

Chairs and table are centered and wiped down

Hallway table is placed back into the Conference Room


Hallway/Student Work room

Chairs need to be placed back in the Conference Room

Area needs to be cleared

Careful with bulletin boards

Careful with walls and scuff marks