Brilliant Show!!!
If I wanted to mention all the amazing things you are all doing on stage during the notes, we would never finish. Beautiful dancing, everyone, great work, tech crew ( Garmani, please ask the newcomers to follow our blogs).

I am very proud of you.

Thank you, Danielle and Halimay,  to speak up about taking responsibility. Some of us still need to learn to be aware of our surroundings and understand that the show is a group effort. We all need to help out in any way we can. Please stay alert and be available.

Here is the link to the notes.


Tomorrow we need to be there by 5pm – not 5:05pm, 5pm!!!!! Lots to do to get ready. Not fair to everyone else who is there on time if you show up late. Thank you.

Sleep early. Eat healthy!!!! We were dancing a bit tired in Act 2, better food and lots of water can change that.