Hello everyone,

I wanted to personally thank all of you for all your hard work so far. The show will not be the same without each and every one of you. The show we have worked on since the beginning is really coming together and it is something we all need to take pride in.

With that being said, I can not emphasize it enough that you need to start advertising. Many of you have done so already, but let me remind you that it does not end with one post. Keep posting and posting every day or even every hour if necessary. You have worked so hard to put this show all together, and now is the time to show it all off. Get everyone to buy those tickets NOW!!!!!

Let me also stress the importance of your health especially for the next week! Take care of yourself and hydrate well! We want to avoid the “epidemic” we had last year when everyone got each other sick. Please, please eat, sleep, and hydrate well. 

Lastly, I want to point out and reiterate some notes:

  • Dance from the wall all the way to the stage. Dance from the stage all the way to the wall.
    • Many people can see inside the wings, so it is important that when you walk through those stage doors, you are ready to dance your heart out.
  • Try your HARDEST to not move or touch the curtains.
    • The audience can see that as well.
  • No talking in the wings.
  • Do not go into the wings so early. It gets crowded and people have a hard time getting out for their quick changes.
  • I know some of you guys want to watch the dances from the wings, please don’t. It gets really crowded.
  • Avoid banging the doors when you are entering or leaving the stage.

We are almost there. This week and next week is going to be a crazy ride. Enjoy it! Keep practicing and watching your pieces for more improvement. Dance your hardest for all your pieces. We have the dances down, so now we need to make sure the facials and emotions are there. Go deep down your heart and your feelings to depict the dance you are dancing, especially for the pieces that relate to environmental issues our world faces today. I know we can all do it!

Show appreciation and kindness to one another. Remember to thank everyone you see that help put this show together (choreographers, tech crew, TRP, fellow dancers, and of course Ms. Mansel) We are a family, and we will always be family. Love and care for one another!