Congratulations, Beautiful show, everyone. I am amazed that you made all those quick changes. As predicted, the non-quick change dancers were late here and there, fix that, you know who you are.

Now you can start enjoying yourself, dance harder, smile more, show more emotions. You got this. But don’t ever relax, keep the adrenalin flowing. It is a good thing.

The notes give you the first couple of links to the pieces, the rest is on the same youtube channel. Watch them carefully and take your own notes and fix issues. Watch dancers you admire and match their stage presence on Tuesday. During act 1 you will have your first audience – the TRP dancers. So go for it. Show them what you got. You all got it in you. I saw the spark today.

I am very much looking forward to the next two weeks. You all are amazing humans to be working with. Thank you.

Thanks especially to all of you who helped cleaning up so quickly today. Let’s keep it that way. Always ask if you can help with something before settling down, we need all hands on deck.