Hi there,

this week we will need to take care of costumes during rehearsal times. We will do both, rehearse and deal with costumes. You will take them home (unless they are too fragile or big to take) and bring them back on Saturday for dress rehearsal and from then on to each rehearsal. Treat them well. If they need hemming, please fix it, iron them if necessary. They all cost money and/or labor of love. Find a way to transport them properly, folded, hanging, you name it.

Please scan the notes document for your pieces and get an idea about your outfits. It helps if you provide some of your own bases (leotards, yoga pants). We do not want to see any bra straps on stage nor white underwear or flesh around the belly or lower back unless the costume is designed that way.

You cannot miss Saturday rehearsals!!! You cannot miss any rehearsals anymore, period. We are too close to the show.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy, eat well, sleep a lot. Drink lots of water.

Costume notes