I wish you all another restful week before coming back to study, dance, work hard next year. Look back at this year’s accomplishments and supersede them. Evaluate your not so successful happenings and see how you can improve on those. Best of luck.

Gaia performers

The next couple of weeks will be intense. Stay healthy and motivated. Help your fellow performers out and encourage them with kind words and valid critique. We all depend on each other.

Ms. Frias, her son, Vince and I recorded the voice overs for the show. Jasdy used all her wit and cleverness to create a beautiful story. I am not in the stage of embellish them with appropriate soundtrack. Here are my first examples for you. I hope this will motivate further to be part of a great show. Music Dialogues. Listen to them. Ms. Frias did an amazing job. She misses you all, you know who you are. The music still lingering after the Monologue will be underlining stunning video footage I am selecting from our friend the internet. Amazing what is nowadays available in HD. The video footage is mainly there to make our point and to give you some time (very little – 2 min tops) to get into your new costume. So that leotard you need under is very important. Some of you will need to change in the wings (curtains). Get a leotard now. And Fire people – we need that turtleneck latest by Tuesday.


Monday the 2nd:

9-10:30am – AIR (Monday people)

10:30-12pm – Elements (Monday late people) and Animals (we will fit it somehow, Animals has priority, I will work with the rest and finish the piece)

Elements people, you could always come earlier and start rehearsing any other piece you are in, you do not always need someone what to do. Just having space and a mirror can help. On that note, anyone who wants to work on their pieces and might need some help – come Monday from 9-10:30am. Seriously. We are running out of time, you will need to know your pieces by heart!!! Only then can you dance them with heart.

Anybody else, stand by. We might need help with costumes. I will let you know. Same time on Monday.