Congratulations to a show well done. We are well on our way to have a great show. Lots of work to be done but nevertheless I believe we are creating something special again.

Please read the notes carefully. Later today I will add the links to the youtube videos on the same page. Watch them carefully, learn from your mistakes. Without mistakes we would never improve but we need to own them.

Tomorrow we will rehearse the Monday pieces, the 5pm piece, please arrive and be ready to dance at around 4:30pm. That means arrive a bit earlier and go over choreography with your peers while waiting. We will rehearse in the theater.

Tuesday, Air Pollution 3:30pm-4:30pm, Dance Hall 4:30pm-5pm. No Tahitian in light of the Finals.

Wednesday only Big Bang and Birth of Earth rehearsal (you know who you are) at 1:45pm.

Thursday no rehearsal.

Friday, if you are up to it, I would hope Hip Hop would rehearse. Stay tuned about the time.