This Saturday we will run all Mission Fusion pieces in a very raw state. We know that there is work to be done in both, choreographing and execution. However, dance full out, please, if you are unclear about certain choreography, practice it on your own or with friends. We will film everything and determine costuming, possible changes in staging, blocking, casting…

At 8am Mark and Alleya will rehearse their Modern piece.

At 8:45am West African dance will block their dances on stage.

Everyone else, please arrive between 8-9am, the latest 9am.

Upon arrival, find out who is taking roll, sign in, find a spot in the theater (on the sides) where you will get ready for the performances. Then ask your rehearsal leader how you can help to get the show going by 10am. We hope to be done by 1pm.

Wear all black and if there are some costumes you might have already, wear them on top.

Bring water and snacks. I will keep you posted if lunch will be served.