Here is what I observe in dancers this year. There are dancers who have worked very hard in the past and therefore learn new choreography quickly and execute it well and they don’t seem to have to work so hard right now – there is not that many of you and they should not be the example for everyone else. Then there are dancers who do not bring a lot of experience to the table but use every minute to improve their skills, even if it might not be part of the piece (e.g.pirouettes, tendus, pointed toes any time one wants them pointed…). Those dancers show up to the next rehearsal prepared, they know the choreography from the previous weeks and don’t wait for the choreographer to go over it with them, so we all could move on. But we cannot – move that is, because there are dancers who think it will all magically just happen, the improvement, or they think they do not have to improve. They play around and are distracted during rehearsal instead of going over any existing choreography when not being busy in the piece at the moment. 
You know who you all are. Most of us should belong to the second category because then you are a Mission Fusion dancer who wants to bring quality to the stage, quality that was born out of hard work, not privilege. There is not one dancer who cannot improve at any time. 
Let’s pick it up, please. We will start thinning out the lines in the sections of the dances. If you want to be on stage at all, work harder, be prepared, stay focused, arrive on time, turn off your phone, stop going into the backroom for whatever reason, be present, stop the side conversations, if you can, cut down on your work hours (you will work the rest of your lives, dancing in a two hour show is for most of you a one in a lifetime experience) – the new iphone is old news 2 months later anyways and the old one worked just fine.