Hello beautiful dancers!

I am finally making my last post on this Mission Fusion Blog tonight. I wanted to make sure that you guys know that I am extremely thankful for each and every one of you, all of you have touched my heart and have made such an impact in my senior year! For those of you seniors, I wish you guys so much luck in the future! We finally made it and it’s time to adult! I am so proud of us, we have worked hard to get here. We deserve it!(:

For those upcoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors, Tonight is the night for craming and stressing for Finals in the next three days. BREATHE and RELAX. You will get through this, especially in your portfolio defense! It is your time to show Ms. Mansel what you got. I know you all have that ba-bam! Overall, I am so proud of you guys. I have gotten to know how amazing and wonderful you guys are and I would not have it any other way. I will miss you all, hopefully I will be able to see all of you and newbies on the stage next year! I wish you guys all luck in your endeavors and future plans. High school will go by fast so enjoy it.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Good Luck and Have a fantabulous summer!<3

-Marah Navarroza