Call time for the 2pm show is 12:30pm.

Take this afternoon show seriously. This will be our main footage for the video as we can capture the whole stage but are close enough to get all of your emotions as well. We will mix it with the close ups from Friday and Saturday night. You should be at the hight of your game this afternoon, and you are. Last night everything was a lot cleaner. Beautiful work. I admire your inventiveness if something goes wrong (loved the chair scene at the end of Lady Justice, Luigi).

I hope we will find that raincoat for Natalie.

At 12:45 I would like to go over the tango scene one more time, clean the Fosse grand battement, and finally add all dancers to the MLK scene at the end of act 1. Join us in any costume you are wearing at the time. We need to rehearse it, though, so that we will have a definite order for the entrance and know what row we are joining.

Salsa should as always run their piece.

Maybe we should do Civil Rights for Kate one more time?

Ms. Stewart will have food for us after the matinee. Make sure you are not in a costume when eating.

Enjoy the beautiful weather until then.

Stow Lake? Really? You could have come by my house since you were in the neighborhood…