It is an amazing performance!
I cried, laughed, smiled…
I was speechless! – Tania Petricevic
A shout out to Ms. Mansel and our amazing students who performed in the show. Our kids have SUCH talent, and the show is vibrant and full of life! It is engaging and I enjoyed every bit of it. – Jane Butler
I highly encourage everyone to see it, and I know our kiddos would love to share their experiences, efforts, and talents with us as well. I am so proud of them and more importantly, they are proud of themselves!
It is a must see show, truly! – Grace Palanjian
Please please please try to watch Mission Fusion tomorrow (Friday) night, or one of the shows Saturday. If you want to see your students at their best, you won’t be disappointed. The chance to see them smile so big for working so hard is well worth the time taken out of the weekend.
 A big thank you to Ms Mansel, Ms Stewart, and all the people who put in the time and energy to making the students shine. – Kyle Lessler
Yes! I can wholeheartedly echo Mr. Lessler’s comments! Just seeing the free performance at lunch the other day was so thrilling and inspiring!
Congratulations Ms Mansel and Ms Stewart!! – Jordan Santana
Make sure you get your tickets and attend this years show. The dancers were wonderful giving the dances their emotion and energy.
Our students have such great hearts and passion, don’t miss a chance to see this.
Joel Bruxvoort