All in all great show – most powerful so far

Here are some minor issues that need to be resolved:

Denice pin your hair out of your face (rest of you ladies did a great job)

Aaron and Terisha tunic on top of pants in Bhangra, if it is too long or bulky, use a scarf and tie it, scarf not around neck, Terisha

Lighting in racial justice (Christian)

Let’s work on Tango – Love Wins at 5:30pm today, we will simplify the ending to make it look more unified

UN charter – ladies, let’s clarify the grand battement timing, Destiny, lets talk about costuming (I am glad Jules did not see the tights under that dress)

Will, if you are feeling better you need to be more PRESENT
Destiny future – Depression – if you feel better

Drowning – great job with the river fabric, well done

Salsa: Gillian hand your sun glasses to a different dancer ahead of time to bring to you

Bitter Sweet: we will pause the video in the background to let that scream hang in the silence, amazing

Javier: not sure about that late entrance in Racial Justice, let’s talk about it, I can be convinced

Jasdy Marah duet – let’s take the grand battement out

Kelsey Will duet: let’s go over it to make sure you are doing the same thing

Finale: I still need to see more colors, Mariella, have your Bhangra outfit ready outside. Need more West African and International, it does not have to be the full outfit, just add to what you got to have a full recap of the show in 4 minutes. It will be the last impression.