All Mission Fusion members, dancing in the matinee or not, please come to the theater and occupy the first three rows and give the performers energy. I encourage everyone to bring lunch to school and eat it during brunch. You will not have time to stand in the lunch line.

Make sure you have all your costumes with you and ready. Trisha and Willberth might be the only “bad” quick change. Trisha, I would say enter Civil Rights after they all have walked back, that gives you a bit more time. Will, I know you will have a plan somehow. You only need to change pants.

I need volunteers to be backstage and help.

Javier can draw the curtain for Racial Justice as he knows when that is happening. I would say Pablo puts out the chairs for Civil Rights (not sure Sami will be there).

If you are in Fosse (UN Charter), make sure you come during 4th period to the theater and get ready. Otherwise come to the theater asap. We will start Fosse 3 minutes into the lunch hour, that means Bullying starts 4 minutes later. If you are in Bullying and/or Racial Justice wear your outfits to school, Bullying have your Henley shirt under your hoodie for Bullying, Domestic Violence, have your shirt under.

You will not have to stand backstage to wait for your next piece, sit in the front row and go on during the appropriate dialogue.

The show is tightly scheduled, does not allow for waiting for dancers to be ready. Adjust to that. Audience will keep walking into the theater as we go on, adjust to that as well.