Saturday the 12th we will run the whole show from beginning to end. We understand that the pieces are not ready yet but we will get a feel for the flow and recognize if there will need to be changes. We will not be in full costumes and we will dress all in the theater – no dressing rooms.

Wear something solid black as base you can add costumes to quickly

Bring water, snacks, homework, willingness to help

Be on time – 9am. Estimated time to finish is 1pm

All 10th graders – Clean up crew after show (audience & stage area)

Juniors and selected Seniors – Costume crew

9th graders: keep an open mind, learn, offer to help, ask mainly seniors if you have a question

Money: Due by Saturday or you are not in the show – if there are financial hardships, please bring a letter from home and talk to me in private (before Saturday) – there are ways to work things out.