Mission Fusion  is a gathering of arts and cultures to build bridges within our community in and around Jefferson High School in Daly City, California. The performance group was founded in 2000 by director Heike Mansel.

         Pandora Act 1    Pandora Act 2

Watch 20 years MF and trailer for Pandora.

Link to Photos(by Ko Blix)

Mission Fusion 2020: PANDORA’S AFTERGLOW

                             Link to PHOTOS by Charles Zapata

                                                                   Photos by Charles Zapata & Stelly Santor

“Not only is Mission Fusion one of the many reasons I love dancing, it also provides me with a way to cope with my problems, push myself, and be supported in a loving, family-like environment.”AY February 2020

Wonder - 431

Thank you all for having joined us in:


Pictures by Ko Blix (Afterglow) and Charles Zapata

Video of ACT 1 & ACT 2


Being in Mission Fusion has given me a voice and a way to express myself. JD

The performance was magical, and mad—as the mad hatter would say. AR

“ each struggled, each taught, each learned. Perhaps the greatest gift Alice brought back from Wonderland was a fresh perspective, a new mindset. You see, every person, place, or thing is wonderful…” KG

Critique of the show: “Thanks again for the awesome show- so many things earned my heart- most of all the great QUESTIONS that were asked throughout the show, and Alicia/Alice/Alex’s perseverance and transparency. Life is not black and white, and the show grappled with a lot of greys”. Nicole Sumner




  Highlights of Portraits






Photos by Ko Blix

2018 and 2019 Productions were in part possible due to a grant from PG&E.

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